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No, you really CAN’T tell the difference between CDs and mp3s.


Psychology, McDaniel College

"Perceived differences and ability to discriminate between CD and 128 kb/s mp3 audio."

Mario Kart 8


Early in development, the idea of using a drill to drill through the earth was considered, but was scrapped for not being as creative as anti-gravity.


Voice Acting, Auditions and Things


So, I’ve either been involved in, or been near a bunch of projects that have done auditions.  And I’ve noticed one rather common bit of bitching that tends to happen.


And to an extent, I can sure understand this.  It’s always disheartening to see the same people get picked over you for things, even when you try your best.  

But you know what?  Most of the “Popular People” with some exceptions, aren’t constantly getting cast because they’re popular.  They’re popular because of hard work, determination, getting themselves out there, and very rarely do they just pop up on tumblr with 20k followers.  They’ve usually been around for a while, slowly building up a fanbase, or occasionally they just get on board of the right fandom at the right time.  But still, they’re around because they are talented and driven, and that attracts people to casting them.

So of course, spouting hate when people cast “The Popular Kids” over you and attacking people is kind of the biggest bullshit in the world.  They didn’t get cast because they were popular.  They got cast because the director in question thought they were better for the role.  And if you really want to do volunteer voice acting, you kind of need to let your ego take a chill pill and realize that A.)  You might not be as hot stuff as you think you are and B.)  That sometimes even the best auditions fail because you didn’t fit the directors vision.

And it’s perfectly find to bitch about it!  I bitch to Kevin all the time about this stuff, but I keep it to him because that way I get all my aggression out and no one gets hurt.  Targeting people and sending unnecessary, ugly hate their way?  Not cool.  Not cool at all.  

And then there’s the recruiters who are just plain racists, but you don’t want to work with them anyway.


the year is 2088.  there is only one tree left.   the tree is cut down and used to make a newspaper with the headline No More Trees



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wow such shibe

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I Hate Lorule






Everything in Lorule is too strong. They all do 4 hearts and take like 8 hits to kill. What the hell is Lorule anyways? Lorule? Twilight Realm? Dark World? How many worlds, realms, and Rules are there?! Why haven’t any of them established trade? What’re their foreign policies? Why does Ganon want Hyrule so much if the other ones are, like, right there? What about Termina? Is there a Dark Termina, a Twilight Termina, or a Permina? Hyrule and Termina almost certainly trade. We can call everybody looking the same a coincidence; that’s just comical and Nintendo not wanting to do more needless work, or maybe seeing familiar faces were meant to be apart of the experience. But in the world itself, the two places have the very similar things ranging from their products, textiles, armor, weapons, etc. Princess Zelda knew or now knows about these lands, two of which also had a princess meaning that they had a government as well, and all of them had people living in them. So why don’t they trade? That’s easy. Zelda is RACIST… Realmist?

Is Ganon truly the King of Evil, or is that just what the history books and prophets say? The hero, the saint, the tyrant, the terrorist; it all depends on who you’re asking. If I had the Triforce of Power, I’d be trying to take down Hyrule too. It’s the only link these worlds have to each other, but more importantly: The only link they have to the real world where everything doesn’t suck.

Anyways. I hate Lorule. Everything is too strong and does 4 hearts and takes like 8 hits to kill.


there’s nothing suggesting that anyone in Hyrule but the Happy Mask Salesman and Skull Kid actually know about Termina. It’s also been confirmed to be a parallel dimension in Hyrule Historia and the game’s manual, which is the in-universe explanation for the characters being duplicates.

Twilight Princess’ Zelda seems to know something about the Twilight Realm (considering she’s cohorts with Midna in the beginning of the game but we don’t really know how much she knows).  The lack of trading is probably due to the fact that Hyrule used the Twilight Realm as a place to banish criminals, including Ganondorf (via the Mirror of Twilight). But ALBW’s Zelda flat out has no idea of Lorule’s existence before Yuga brings her there (nor did anyone in Lorule know about Hyrule’s existence until just prior to the game’s events but to explain that in detail would be a bit of a spoiler).  The only way between the two worlds is to use the portals (supposedly), so only a small handful of people with wall-merging abilities can go between them, making trade practically impossible.

BTW, Hyrule does appear to have positive relations to two other nations - Holodrum and Labrynna from the Oracle games, as evidenced by that Princess Zelda working to protect their Oracles and personally visiting one of the two nations to ensure its safety (depending on which game you play second).

Also, regarding Ganondorf, he tried to commit genocide twice in Ocarina of Time (feeding the Gorons to Volvagia, freezing the Zoras) and was confirmed by Nabooru to even violate Gerudo principles (he stole from women and child and murdered, which is apparently against their honor code.  She mentions this in the Spirit Temple when you first meet her.). I think we can safely assume he really is a Bad Guy (TM).

(Also you get armor and sword upgrades in Lorule, when you do the enemies become much easier)

its… a… game?

Yes? it is? And that somehow invalidates discussion about its plot, characters, and mythology becaaaauuuuse…?

Lorule is ALSO a paralell world. Actually, I’m not even so sure that they’re parallel worlds so much as just completely different ones. Hilda’s explanation for the reason that Lorule looks so much like Hyrule is that the two universes are closing in on each other, and Hyrule is kind of bleeding into Lorule, which might explain why it looks so much like the dark world, yet nothing in Hyrule seems out of place, minus the cracks.
That being said, just play the fucking game and don’t complain about it. You get upgrades up the wazoo in Lorule. The swamp temple has your first suit upgrade so go there. Also there’s Master Ore in like every fucking dungeon.

Well maybe if he didn’t start in Hero Mode in his first go like I told him not to when I let him borrow my copy then this wouldn’t be a problem.

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The Goofy Movie


A boy lies his way into an awkward girl’s pants despite the responsibility of taking care of his mentally handicapped Father.




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With great power comes great responsibility.

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